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Update April 2021

We are Now OPEN  again for walk-in customers Fridays 10.00am to 2.00 pm;

with usual covid restrictions e.g. hand sanitiser, wear mask, only one person, or family group per room

We can open at other times by request Please give us a

1-hour time slot when you would like to come.

We can also still do Phone and Collect, or e-mail and collect.

We can take orders and do local deliveries and mail order.

Contact the shop on:


or our out of hours phone numbers:


or  077868-76483,

or text to 07867-575017

or e-mail oasiswisbech@onetel.com.

If you leave a message on the shop phone, 01956465187, we aim to answer within 7 days


      Bubbles, Splash X-Stream and Grid in stock.
You can search our secondhand books here  If you are able to come and collect them, or order direct, you can save on postage.  We also list a few books on on another web site and the same applies.

**2021 SALE***

Up to 50% off most stock items - Everything must go!!

(Excludes Food, Candles, Church Stationery, Communion Wafers & Wine - we will keep these in stock and keep supplying them)

We will continue to do special orders on normal terms.

The Plan is to open the shop, subject to corona virus restrictions, on Fridays, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, or at other times, if requested, by appointment.    until we sell the building.  We can continue to supply churches with candles etc into the foreseeable future.

Easter Cards available

Christmas Cards still available, 50% off retail price

Registrar's Ink £12. Very Permanent. Writes blue, dries blue/black

Permanent markers, Pencils, Ball-point pens

Bible Colouring Books, Pop-up books,  Bible Story Books

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2021 Calendars and Diaries in stock

Easter Cards, St Patrick's Day Cards

We have Palm Crosses, 25p each, Candles

and Paschal Transfers, dated 2020, but the date can be cut off.

Lots of Bible Cases  from £7.99 to £13.00. Small , Medium, Large for bibles 10.5"   When choosing your case, please bring your Bible in, to make sure it fits, or bring the exact external dimensions

Corona Virus - One Rule

Love your Neighbour as you love yourself

If you love your neighbour, you will not infect him/her.

You can be most infectious before symptoms appear, so you donít necessarily know whether you are infectious or not.


1. Stay at least 2 metres away from anybody else

2. Wash Hands. Soap/Water, or alcohol, or wear gloves

3. Wear a mask. This will impede the progress of any virus breathed, or coughed out.

4. Disinfect surfaces.


If you love yourself, you will avoid getting the virus:


1. Stay at least 2 metres away from anybody else.

2. Wash hands.

3. Wear a mask. A simple mask wonít protect you completely, but it will help.

4. Disinfect surfaces.

Shop rules:

1. Wash hands when you enter the shop . Soap/Water, or alcohol, or wear gloves.

2. No more than one person, or family group, per room at any one time.

3. If you have to go past someone, wear a mask and go past quickly.

If you are in a room, and someone wants to go past,

either leave, or go to the furthest part of the room and wear a mask while the person goes past.

4. Wash hands again when you leave the shop.

Please don't enter the shop if you have CoViD symptoms

LECTIONARIES now in stock, BCP and Common Worship



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Devotional Poetry  Books by Eddie Askew


  • Books: Christian and general, for adults, teenagers and children
  • A selection of gift items
  • Cards and Stationery for many occasions
  • Rosaries
  • Three rooms of secondhand books upstairs, both Christian and general
The shop was started in 1976 by Pat Winters and Gillian Gold and was located on Nene Quay until 1988. The present owner/managers, Richard and Maggie Welford, ran the shop from 1989 until 1993 when they moved to Plaistow in East London to manage a Christian bookshop there. Oasis was bought by Wisbech Baptist Church and managed by Syd Barton until his retirement in 2002, at which point Richard and Maggie were able to take over the shop again. In 2003 we were able to expand into 78 West Street, formerly McIntosh's, and add a coffee area.
We have a selection of CD's   & DVD's.  Click on picture for more detail


    Please come and support your local Christian bookshop





Richard and Maggie are also members of the King's Church in Wisbech.


Shop details

The Oasis bookshop is listed on the following websites:  http://www.christianbookshops.org.uk/  (Christian resources)

and second hand books on http://www.biblio.com.


Where to  Find Us

The location for the Oasis Bookshop is 88, Norfolk Street, Wisbech PE13 2LF

[See Map]. 


Search our secondhand books on biblio.com.    We also put a few on amazon under oasisbookswisbech. They are usually cheaper if you come in and buy them over the counter. 

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