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  We  aim to stock one or more commentaries on each book of the Bible. We may not have all of them in stock all the time, although we keep a good number of them in, and can get others to order.

Here are some of the more popular ones, but we do have others

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  Bible Speaks Today (Message of...) IVP (out of stock - we can order on request)

Tyndale Old Testament (IVP

Tyndale New Testament (IVP)

... For Everyone (Tom Wright)  SPCK 9.99 each

 For Everyone - Study Guides  (Tom Wright)  SPCK 4.99 each


  Group Study Guides:       

Lifebuilder Group Study Guides (Scripture Union)

Cover to Cover Group Study Guides (CWR)

Believe and be Baptised - Victor Jack