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Cards by Post.
You may like to keep a small stock of cards with you, to use when the need arises. We can supply cards on a sale or return basis. 

Send us a £10 note or cheque, say what sort of cards you would like (sorry, there are too many to show pictures of them all) and we will send a selection to you. If you wish to return any to us unused, we will credit them against your next order, provided they are still in new condition.
Here is a list of the cards we normally stock.

Most are available with or without a Bible text


 Birthday - One
 Birthday - Two
 Birthday - Three
 Birthday - Four
 Birthday - Five
 Birthday - Six
 Birthday - Seven
 Birthday - Eight
 Birthday - Nine
 Birthday - 10
 Birthday - 11
 Birthday - 12
 Birthday - Children's - general
 Birthday - Teenager
 Birthday - 18
 Birthday - 21
 Birthday - 30
 Birthday - 40
 Birthday - 50
 Birthday - 60
 Birthday - 65
 Birthday - 70
 Birthday - 80
 Birthday - 90
Birthday - 100

Birthday - Femail
 Birthday - Male
 Birthday - Belated
 Birthday - Humour
 Birthday - Animals
 Birthday - Nanna
 Birthday - Grand Daughter
 Birthday - Grand Dad
 Birthday - Husband
 Birthday - Dad
 Birthday - Son
 Birthday - Brother
 Birthday -Grand Son
 Birthday - Wife
 Birthday - Mum/mother
 Birthday - Daughter
 Birthday - Sister

 Post Cards - Local Pictures
 Post Cards - Plain
 Sympathy - Sister
 Sympathy - Brother
 Sympathy - Child
 Sympathy - Wife/Mum
 Sympathy - Husband/Father/Dad
 Sympathy - Daughter
 Sympathy/Mass Cards
 Sympathy - Grandmother

 Baby Dedication
 Baby Christening/Baptism
 Birth - Baby Girl
 Birth - Baby Boy
 New Baby - Twin

 Wedding Acceptance
 Wedding regret
 Wedding Day
 Wedding Anniversary
 Wedding Anniversary - Husband
 Wedding Anniversary - Wife
 Our wedding Anniversary
 Silver Wedding
 Pearl Anniversary
 Ruby Anniversary 
 Golden Anniversary
 Diamond Anniversary
 Thinking of You
 Thank You
 Just to Say
 God Bless You
 Praying for you
 Get Well
 Driving Test


 First Communion
 Special Day
 New Christian

 New Home
 Bon Voyage/Happy Travels


 New Beginnings
 Becoming an Elder
 Becoming a Reader
 Entering God's Service
 Entering the Church
 Welcome to your new parish
 Welcome to our Church
 Ordination/God's Service Anniversary
 Ruby Jubilee/Ordination Anniversary(40)
 Silver Jubilee/Ordination Anniversary (25)


Most cards are available with or without a Bible text